How the Corporate Tax Cut Will Reshape the World.

  One of the more difficult aspects of trying to wade through the mess of “news” on any topic is that most topics are filtered through the minds of people that are not technically proficient and condescended to the masses who are less so. No topic is as mercilessly butchered as the Republican corporate tax... Continue Reading →


12 ways our software can save you money

Our online payments software can save you between $10,000 and $75,000 per year, in the following ways. 1) Labor costs – It cuts several steps out of your billing processes. 2 ) Income taxes – Tax planning is difficult with out of date or delayed data. Our data presentation is online and real time. 3) Employee... Continue Reading →

Payment related car dealership laws every dealership should know

  BY URSULA LIBRIZZI ON JANUARY 18, 2018 As a whole, the auto industry faces tough scrutiny for compliance. As payment experts, we want to ensure you know of the payment-related dealership laws your dealership should be aware of. The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act The Federal Trade Commision (FTC) defines the GLB Act as a requirement of “financial institutions – companies that... Continue Reading →

Your payment system may be costing you between $8,000 and $20,000 a year in wasted labor.

How? Let me summarize. At an average (including payroll taxes, workman’s comp, disability, etc…) let’s say you’re paying $20 an hour for office help. Our system would save you between 8 and 20 hours a week in labor. That labor savings would come from a dozen’s areas including. No longer having to do end of... Continue Reading →

Cut your office costs 10-30% in three months. (Re: Forbes magazine)

Confession: I’m an accountant and I hate accounting. Why? 75% of it is a waste of time and more importantly, money. This article from Forbes magazine makes the point better than I could.  The simple fact is, 3/4ths of what we call “accounting” can be replaced by technology. Most of what we call “accounting” isn’t... Continue Reading →

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