Top ten reasons you should switch to an online payments system today.


  • Customers today equate pay by phone technology to represent added value to them.
  • The customer perceives a paper receipt as being “old tech.”
  • The database features in online payments allow you to track the customer’s purchases.
  • The online search feature allows you to find their payment data by searching by either their name, date, amount, invoice number or several other search characteristics.
  • The online display can be tailored to YOUR specific needs.
  • It will save you time, money, space and aggravation. The search feature alone, which makes bank reconciliation simple, is worth the switching all by itself.
  • You get paid the next day with no ‘next day payment” fee.
  • There are no “padded” charges like the common “self-assessment fee” or “account verification fee.
  • There is no long-term contract and no charge to get in or charge to get out.
  • The system, the $650 processor and the software are free. We will meet or more likely beat your current rate.

Paul Schwartzmeyer





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