5 reasons why a totally online payment system is perfect for your dental practice.

captureClick image on the left to watch the demo. 

  • It’s the end of invoices and billing. Billing is one of the biggest expenses in most Dental and Medical Practices. Our system allows you to bill a credit card, multiple cards or a combination of checks and cards for future payments in advance. This increases your cash flow because it eliminates the process of check depositing and opening mail. You simply set up the payment schedule and the system does the rest.
  • The customer can sign with their phone. This means you can get a signed receipt from the customer for the first visit before they stop in. This eliminates your having to physically collect cancellation fees!
  • The system is totally paperless. All transactions are stored electronically and retrievable by our proprietary search engine. Given the massive amounts of data Dental Practices are required to store, this is a huge time saver. You can search by name, date, invoice number or any flag that works for you and your staff. This feature alone can save you $$$ in labor costs. It’s also the end of “end of the day batching.” The information is always available online.
  • Any computer can serve as a payments terminal. When I had braces put on both my daughters, the finance meeting was in a back office. The billing was invoiced. It was incredibly labor intensive for the firm. Had that office (It was in the 90’s before this system existed) had PayJunction, the finance manager could have done all the billing while she was inputting my information on her computer. I thought at the time, of the $9,000 I paid, 10% had to be going JUST to billing!
  • The customers love it. There’s nothing more important to a child then a perfect smile, but let’s face it. Dental fees can be high. The easier you make it for them to pay you, the better off you’ll both be.

Our system has 4 simple features. 1) Free $650 paperless terminal and all online software, no charge. 2) No contract. 3) No charge to get or out. 4) We guarantee to meet or beat your current rates.

It’s the most advanced technology available and a perfect fit for your Dental Practice. For a free 10-minute demo on how the system works, click here to sign-up.

Paul Schwartmeyer




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