Spoiler… Your account probably isn’t “looking out for you.”

I hate to say this, because I’m an accountant and ran a public firm for 25 years that did only small business accounting.  (Read Forbes article here)

You don’t need an accountant. Today, almost all accounting functions can be computerized.

(Spoiler alert… they don’t teach income tax in accounting school)

Our system eliminates the need for “batching.” This is,. printing out the days totals and giving them to a bookkeeper. Your numbers are automatically stored online. At the end of the day, you flip off the lights and go home. The next morning, the prior days sales are deposited in your checking account.

This, combined with online banking and Quickbooks online will give you your profit margin on a DAILY BASIS. (I’ve saved my clients thousands of dollars a year in income taxes with these systems.)

To watch a 5 minute demo on this system, click here.

For more information on how this system can revolutionize how you do business, click here for a free, ten-minute online demo.

PS: Our switch costs you nothing. Nothing to get in, nothing to get out no contract and a free $650 terminal and guaranteed lowest rates in the business.

Paul Schwartzmeyer

Landon Fillmore Company

Official Distributor of PayJunction


PS: As a bonus, we’ll give you, free of charge, a second opinion on your income tax. This is a free informational service. We do not do public accounting or tax preperation. We are a software implementation firm. I have spent 25 years in family business accounting, franchise proforma’s and business sales.


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