Landon-Fillmore Billing Solution #4: Get paid FASTER

When I ran a public firm, I had a client that was a gynecologist. I remember saying to him, “How do you stay in business? You get paid 3-4 months after you do a procedure.”

His answer? “I have no idea.”

Today, we have systems that can help you get paid fast. They can also eliminate several tedious accounting functions that cost businesses dearly. But getting paid faster is just part of the game. The second part is to move away from invoicing.

For a quick 5-minute video on how to unclog your system and get paid faster, click here.

To schedule an online demo and have one of our technicians walk you through how it would work for your company, click here.

We guarantee, free software, a free terminal, no charge to get in or out, no contracts, no future commitments and the guaranteed lowest rates in the business.

You’ll be amazed at how much our system can save you.




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