Cut your office costs 10-30% in three months. (Re: Forbes magazine)

Confession: I’m an accountant and I hate accounting. Why? 75% of it is a waste of time and more importantly, money. This article from Forbes magazine makes the point better than I could.

 The simple fact is, 3/4ths of what we call “accounting” can be replaced by technology. Most of what we call “accounting” isn’t accounting at all, it’s simply bookkeeping and frankly, ALMOST ALL of that can be eliminated.

To add to that, the data you have will be more timely, more accurate, more usable by YOU to make real decisions, will probably accelerate your cash flow and free your employees from meaningless tasks that you have to pay them to perform.

I still remember the very first client I had, the owner of a machine shop in western New York. To quote him, “When you told me you could save me $8,000 a year, I thought you were totally full of shit.”

To start the long road to office efficiency with a free online demo, click here.

This is step one. Step two will lead to margin analysis which will enable you to make more accurate business decisions. Step three will enable you to reduce your taxes.

Paul Schwartzmeyer, Sr. Accountant

The Landon Fillmore Company



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