Your payment system may be costing you between $8,000 and $20,000 a year in wasted labor.

How? Let me summarize. At an average (including payroll taxes, workman’s comp, disability, etc…) let’s say you’re paying $20 an hour for office help.

Our system would save you between 8 and 20 hours a week in labor. That labor savings would come from a dozen’s areas including.

  • No longer having to do end of the day check and credit card bookkeeping.
  • No longer having to deposit checks in the bank.
  • No longer having to store paper receipts and retrieve them from a file cabinet.
  • No longer having to add separately credit card receipts and checks and input them in an accounting system.
  • Halving the amount of time it takes you to reconcile your bank balances with your accounting balances.
  • Being able to charge a customer through a terminal, regardless of where the customer is.
  • Plus, many other trivial tasks you or your staff must do daily, weekly and annually.

I ran a public accounting firm for 25 years that specialized in manufacturing companies, medical practices, auto repair, collision shops and service companies. I have seen companies waste tens of thousands of dollars in labor costs because of inefficient billing systems and outdated software.

The new systems not only save labor and accounting costs, not only are they incredibly easy to use, they can accelerate your cash flow significantly by doing five things.

  • Making all your transactions immediate.
  • Allowing the customer to pay with their phone or I-pad from their home or office.
  • Allowing your staff to charge the customer from our secure system. We store the customer’s info online. They don’t have to be there to pay. This applies to future current and future payments as well as refunds.
  • Allowing you to sell products or services through our ecommerce sites without the need of a web page, SEO optimization or connections to web hosting companies.
  • Cutting your payroll costs and freeing your office workers up to do other things. Also, it may cut your accounting costs, especially in an audit.

If your system does not already offer this, it is probably costing you a lot of money. I guarantee it.

For a quick 10-minute tutorial on where your savings would come from, click here.

Paul Schwartzmeyer

The Landon Fillmore Company.




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