About Landon Fillmore

Paul Schwartzmeyer ran a public accounting firm for over 25 years. His clients included family corporations, farms, self employed individuals, partnerships, family trusts and 501(c)3 charities. His industry specialties are.

  • Light manufacturing and machine shops
  • Auto repair and collision
  • Warehousing and trucking
  • Electronics
  • Franchises (not including food)
  • Lumber and sawmills
  • Casting and ferrous metal processing
  • ¬†Clothing retail
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Ecommerce

He has also put together deals to sell several businesses including a casting plant, a dry cleaner, an electronics firm and two manufacturing firms. He has advised on several business transfers to the next generation as well as an adviser on dozens of estates. He was also the financial advisor to a former CFO of Eastman Kodak and of Bausch and Lomb.



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