A list of questions you may want to ask yourself.

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– Do you have an EMV-ready terminal?
– Do you currently accept mobile payments?
– How do you collect signatures?
– For payments over the phone, are you collecting a signature?
– Do you deal with a lot of repeat customers?
– Do you associate your receipts with service orders?
– Do you accept checks?
– Do you offer payment plans to customers?
– Tell me about your batch out process?
– Explain your bank reconciliation process?
– How do you track monthly, quarterly, yearly sales?

Of course, some of these may vary per industry, but 10 out of 11 businesses we surveyed in the tech center, Cambridge Massachusetts did not have ANY of the these features and the other business had only one.

  • The survey was run in August 2016. The three business types surveyed were in three ISBN categories. 1) Auto Repair and Maintemance 2) Dental/Medical/Chiropractic and 3) Legal.

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