10 Steps to starting and building a business.

AND, how to avoid guaranteed failure. Running a business isn't hard but there are 10 things you MUST DO if you hope to succeed. Determine profit margin BEFORE YOU START. Here's a brief Youtube I did years ago that will simplify it for you. YOU MUST UNDERSTAND MARGIN. Eliminate the accounting function. If you rely... Continue Reading →


Landon-Fillmore Billing Solution #4: Get paid FASTER

When I ran a public firm, I had a client that was a gynecologist. I remember saying to him, “How do you stay in business? You get paid 3-4 months after you do a procedure.” His answer? “I have no idea.” Today, we have systems that can help you get paid fast. They can also... Continue Reading →

10 Tax law changes the new Congress should make immediately

Eliminate personal tax returns for non-business owners. Tax returns are a waste of time and money. Eliminate the “company” half of social security for the self-employed. It’s absurd that hairdressers pay twice the tax rate Warren Buffet pays. Declare that ANY money an employee or former employee makes working for a company is salary. Eliminate... Continue Reading →

Spoiler… Your account probably isn’t “looking out for you.”

I hate to say this, because I'm an accountant and ran a public firm for 25 years that did only small business accounting.  (Read Forbes article here) You don't need an accountant. Today, almost all accounting functions can be computerized. (Spoiler alert... they don't teach income tax in accounting school) Our system eliminates the need... Continue Reading →

Business Travel Reality

Streets of Nuremberg

Imrisoned Imprisoned | Dallas | 2016

The job that pays my bills requires me to travel all over this globe. Last week I was in Dallas. This week I was in New York. Friends often envy me for going to all those fancy places. The thing is, much more often than not I don’t have anything from my travels, apart from putting little flags  of the visited countries on the map in my office at home.

Sure there are some benefits, I don’t need to go to the movies because eventually I get to see all films on a plane (apart maybe from recently released “Sullly” about the successful emergency landing on the Hudson River – I seriously doubt that they will show this movie on a plane). And of course, the best thing of all is that I get to meet all different kinds of interesting people all over this planet. And…

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5 reasons why a totally online payment system is perfect for your dental practice.

Click image on the left to watch the demo.  It’s the end of invoices and billing. Billing is one of the biggest expenses in most Dental and Medical Practices. Our system allows you to bill a credit card, multiple cards or a combination of checks and cards for future payments in advance. This increases your... Continue Reading →

The five biggest reasons family business are hard to sell.

In my 25 years in public accounting, I sold and valued several companies including franchises, a casting plant, several light manufacturing companies, a restaurant, a dry cleaner and a retail shop, to name a few. They were all difficult. Here are 5 (among many) reasons why businesses are hard to sell. Bad accounting. This can... Continue Reading →

The five most dangerous trends threatening family businesses.

High tax rates: Taxes on family businesses in some states can be as high as 50%. Often, businesses end up paying taxes on income for non-deducible payments. Technology: The big guys are sinking rivers of money into tech. In certain businesses, it’s becoming nearly impossible to compete. They can flood your customers with sales messages.... Continue Reading →

Top ten reasons you should switch to an online payments system today.

Customers today equate pay by phone technology to represent added value to them. The customer perceives a paper receipt as being “old tech.” The database features in online payments allow you to track the customer’s purchases. The online search feature allows you to find their payment data by searching by either their name, date, amount,... Continue Reading →

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