At 47%, Trumps approval rating should scare the shit out of democrats.

Joseph Schneider Traitor-Patriot


For most of his presidency, Barack Obama’s approval rating hovered at 50+ percent. But if you look behind the numbers, there are a few sticking points.

– The pools heavily poll democrats

– The pools are rigged by democrats

– Many of the polls are “informational.” That is, non-scientific.

Neither political party seems to understand what’s going on.

Like college professors who run “studies” on students so they don’t have to leave campus, politicians stay in Washington.

For the Democrats though, the problem is more acute.

As George Bush recently said on GMA, “back when you guys mattered,” the Democrats keep playing to a media that is no longer relevant.

If Trump is polling at 47%, you can bet your ass he’s as popular as Roosevelt.

(Who, by the way, polled very poorly in his first election.) The attacks in the press, not just in the US but on…

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The most dangerous person in Washington

Joseph Schneider Traitor-Patriot

Name: Tulsi Gabbard

Born: April 12, 1981 in American Samoa.

Rank: Major, United States Army

Combat Tours: Two in Iraq

Current Position: Democratic Congressman from Hawaii

Gabbard is one of the few people in Congress that is neither a draft-dodger, cushy military job holder (Army Lawyer-Army Journalist) of military avoider.

Opposes the Trans-pacific partnership, Free Trade and wants to restore Glass-Steagall.

Opposes continued US intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq. Supports India’s prime minister Modi and calls for discontinued relationship with the terrorist state of Pakistan, that held Osama bin Laden.

Opposes Neocons, big banks, big media and the civilian military complex.

Good looking, young, athletic, brave, articulate, doesn’t suck up to a husband for “power” and will debate the pants off of anybody.

Make no mistake, BOTH parties hate Gabbard.

If she ran for President, she’d win all 50 states by a landslide we haven’t seen since Reagan.

She is…

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Was Steve Jobs the greatest entrepreneur of all time?

Joseph Schneider Traitor-Patriot

How many jobs did Steve Jobs create?

Technically, Apple has 116,000 employees, but how many jobs has Jobs really created?

My youngest daughter is 24. She’s gone through her entire life and has never owned an electronic gadget NOT made by Apple. I-pod, I-pod mini, I-phone, MacBook, MacBook Pro, I-pad.

In her current job, she uses her I-phone to schedule nurses and her MacBook Pro to run analyses on best practices for labor utilization. My other daughter uses her MacBook Pro to run computer simulations on farmlands to maximize fertilizer applications, irrigation and electricity prices. There are hundreds of thousands of people like my daughters.

A charity I once ran gave an I-Pad to a developmentally disabled child…

that had a free app that created a reading program that allowed him to read three years before his doctors said he ever would.

In the year 2000, the stock market crashed…

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Cut your office costs 10-30% in three months. (Re: Forbes magazine)

Confession: I’m an accountant and I hate accounting. Why? 75% of it is a waste of time and more importantly, money. This article from Forbes magazine makes the point better than I could.  The simple fact is, 3/4ths of what we call “accounting” can be replaced by technology. Most of what we call “accounting” isn’t... Continue Reading →

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